FingerpickPro - Online Manual

01 Installation

02 Getting Started

03 Instruments - Velocity and Keyswitch

04 Instrument - Chord Shift

05 The Keyboard Layout

06 The Chords

07 The String Keys

08 Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs

09 The Auto-Bass Keys 

10 Muted Notes and Harmonics

11 Finger Strums

12 Sundry Sounds


Appendix: The SFZ Format

Appendix: Other Documentation

The Online Manual covers all the basics, but you might find some further Tips, Ideas & Demos helpful. (The demos currently available are on the product page.)

Tips, Ideas & Demos

Making Midi Practical

Many people are put off the idea of a midi-based approach to recording virtual instrument tracks because it seems to require fiddling about with large numbers of midi files. But does it? FingerpickPro shows how to make a midi-based approach totally viable.

FingerpickPro as a Compositional Aid

Even if you play keyboard well or even play guitar well, FingerpickPro can be a helpful compositional aid. Explore some methods to help you get out of a rut, or simply find some new ideas.