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Coming in 2022

FingerpickPro will continue StrumTracks' aim of producing virtual instruments designed especially for those who don't play keyboard. Without playing a note on a keyboard, and using a minimal amount of midi you'll be able to produce sophisticated fingerpicking tracks quickly and easily.

Try before You Buy

People who buy virtual instruments will often complain that they have to take a chance and pay out their money (sometimes big bucks) without really knowing what they're getting, and whether it is really what they are looking for. Well, with FingerpickPro you can get a 'lite' version completely free to try and see if it suits your needs and preferred ways of working. This might be a risk on our part because we won't pick up sales from people who otherwise might have taken a chance and found out it didn't really suit them, for whatever reason. But I think it's more important to find the customers who value what StrumTracks is doing and have a good experience from dealing with us. So ...

In the meantime ...

Try FingerpickPro Lite completely free!

Go to FingerpickPro Online Manual >>>

  • FingerpickPro Lite is a FREE cut-down version of FingerpickPro in SFZ format, which contains the full functionality of the Key of C# Instrument, which is one of 12 key instruments in FingerpickPro.
  • (When you go to the store to get FingerpickPro Lite you'll notice it has a price that has been crossed out. Disregard that. It's just the way the system works. To make a free offer we can't just set the price at $0.00. We have to pick some price and then apply a 100% discount.)
  • Download is a 147Mb zip file.
  • To read more about the idea behind FingerpickPro and how it has been designed go to Making Midi Practical.
  • Correction: If you downloaded FingerpickPro Lite on 24-25 November you may have received a version of the pdf file "FINGERPICK PRO - Making MIDI Practical" that included some typos, and was missing some diagrams. The current download has rectified this, and the same information is contained in the page linked in the above dot point. If you want the corrected PDF version it is available here.


  • At StrumTracks our demos are not designed to knock your socks off with virtuosic displays, or with the guitar obscured behind lots of other instruments. We want you to be able to hear clear demonstrations of things that you will be able to achieve yourself fairly easily without even needing to be able to play keyboard.
  • The first demo is a simple arpeggio that was created from a single one-bar midi file, duplicated multiple times, with the only action required being to change the chord select key switch at the beginning of each bar. Listen for how the first note in each bar plays the lowest root note of each successive chord. This was achieved by using the Auto-Bass Notes Option #1. For an explanation of this see here.
  • The second demo is a Travis-style picking track including some hammer-ons and pull-offs.
    NOTE: When doing hammer-ons and pull-offs don't overlap the notes as is often done in 'legato' mode in virtual instruments. The note you are hammer-on or pulling-off from should stop short at the point where the next note begins. For more information see here.
  • These demos are included in the FingerpickPro Lite download, along with the midi files used to create them.
  • You can load one of the demo midi files into your DAW, set it to repeat play, and then simply tinker around by shifting hammer-on/pull-off notes, changing the starting and ending of midi notes, changing the auto-bass setting, putting in some finger strums, change the bass notes to muted notes, and otherwise just have a lot of fun!
  • By the way, the muted bass notes are triggered when the midi velocity is below 40, i.e. no higher than 39. You'll see this in the midi file for Demo #1 which is included in the download. For more see here.


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