Currently available

FingerpickPro Acoustic

FingerpickPro Acoustic is now available! Beautiful sound. Very easy to use, and especially helpful for those who don't play keyboard. See the product page for demos, and more.

FingerpickPro Acoustic ELEMENTS

FingerpickPro Acoustic ELEMENTS is a simplified (and much cheaper) version of FingerpickPro Acoustic. If you like you can buy Elements first and then add the full functionality of FingerpickPro Acoustic later by adding the EXPANSION (see below). For more details go to the FingerpickPro page.

FingerpickPro Acoustic EXPANSION

NOTE: This Expansion requires that you already have FingerpickPro Acoustic ELEMENTS.

FingerpickPro Acoustic EXPANSION adds the additional functionality that goes to make up the full version of FingerpickPro Acoustic. So you can buy ELEMENTS first to try it out, and then 'upgrade' to the full version with this Expansion. For more details go to the FingerpickPro page.

Pick-and-Strum Guitar

You'll find plenty of information on the Pick-and-Strum Guitar page.

StrumTracks products are in SFZ format, which means you will need the free Sforzando player from Plogue. See here for details.