Fingerpick Pro Acoustic - Elements

  • "FingerpickPro Acoustic ELEMENTS" is a cut-down version of the planned full sample library "FingerpickPro Acoustic". It is provided so you can familiarise yourself with how the FingerpickPro line of guitars work.
  • It is also a very useful virtual guitar in its own right. Below are some demos.
  • *NB. You could produce all the demos below using the Keyboard Layout (Keyswitch) instrument in Elements.


April Come She Will


Darcy Farrow

Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

Poems, Prayers & Promises

This Old Guitar

Some features of Elements compared to the full version

  • There are 12 chords in each Key Instrument, not 36.
  • These are the 12 chords that appear on page 1 of each Chord Chart file.
  • They include the most commonly used chords in the key: I, IV and V major; II, III and VI minor; II, III and VI minor 7; I7, V7 (and an alternate voicing of I major).
  • For example, in the key of C that means: C, F and G major, D, E and A minor, D, E and A minor 7, G7, C7 and an alternate voicing of C major.
  • The Keyswitches for these chords are in the octave starting at C0 on the keyboard (the same as they are in the full version).
  • There is no Chord Shift Instrument or Velocity Instrument.
  • Everything else is the same.


Not great on keyboard? FingerpickPro is for you!

FingerpickPro continues StrumTracks' aim of producing virtual instruments designed especially for those who don't play keyboard. Without playing a note on a keyboard, and using a minimal amount of midi you'll be able to produce sophisticated fingerpicking tracks quickly and easily. To read more about the idea behind FingerpickPro and how it has been designed go to Making Midi Practical.

For extensive documentation check out the Online Manual.

Note that the Online Manual contains more information than is required for "Elements". For example, the Chord Charts show all 36 chords that will feature in the full FingerpickPro instruments. The 12 chords provided in each of the 12 Key Instruments in Elements are those that appear on the first page of the list of chords in each Key Instrument.

Go to FingerpickPro Online Manual >>>