FingerpickPro Basic

FingerpickPro Basic

FingerpickPro Basic is a lower cost version of FingerpickPro Acoustic. FingerpickPro Basic is a good option for those who don't think they need the full FingerpickPro, or for those who need to watch their pennies. (*Please note, there is no upgrade option.)

The following is a comparison of the two sample libraries.

Number of Key Instruments = 12

Number of Chords in Each Key Instrument = 36

File Format = wav

Sample Size = 1.01 Gb

Keyboard Layout Instruments = 3

  • Keyswitch
  • Velocity
  • Chord Shift

Standard Price = US$59.00

Number of Key Instruments = 12

Number of Chords in Each Key Instrument = 12

File Format = flac (lossless compression)

Sample Size = 137 mb

Keyboard Layout Instruments = 2

  • Keyswitch
  • Velocity


Standard Price = US$20.00

The Chords

The essential difference between FingerpickPro Acoustic and FingerpickPro Basic is the number of chords in each Key Instrument. Acoustic has 36 and Basic has 12. However, these 12 chords include the most commonly used chords that belong to the key. In the key of C the chords are:

  • C major - I
  • F major - IV
  • G major - V
  • G seventh - V7
  • C seventh - I7
  • C major (alternate voicing) - I (alt)
  • D minor - IIm
  • E minor - IIIm
  • A minor - VIm
  • D minor 7 - IIm7
  • E minor 7 - IIIm7
  • A minor 7 - VIm7

Other key instruments have the corresponding chords, so that you can use the same chord-based midi files in any other key instrument and it will automatically 'transpose' to that key.

Manual & Documentation

The same documentation applies to FingerpickPro Basic as to FingerpickPro Acoustic. The only essential difference is that in the Chord Charts you only need the chords on the first page of each key's chart, and on the Keyswitch Charts and Panes you only need the top octave of keyswitches, that is, the octave beginning at C0.

The Demos on the product page can all be done using the keyboard layout instruments, and the Midi Pack files will all work with FingerpickPro Basic.

For full information and documentation go to the Online Manual >>>