Why Pick-and-Strum Guitar might be just what you're looking for

You Don't Play Keyboard but want to Record Acoustic Guitar Tracks

Virtual instruments almost invariably give users the choice of keyboard - or keyboard - as the interface they have to use. You might be a guitarist who just doesn't have a 'keyboard mindset', or who can't play keyboard, or you might not be able to play any musical instrument. That doesn't mean you should be excluded from the wonderful world of virtual instruments. Pick-and-Strum Guitar still has to use keyboard as the interface, and it won't make everything easy for you, but it can make some things very easy.

You want backing tracks to practice to

If you are an instrumentalist who plays styles like folk, country or bluegrass Pick-and-Strum Guitar will enable you to quickly and easily record backing tracks.

Using the All-Chord Midi Files with Auto-Bass Notes you can put together a backing track in minutes even if you can't play a note on a keyboard!

The same holds true if you're a singer in these styles. Especially if you don't play guitar yourself you can easily create simple but very helpful backing tracks to sing along to.

  • Have a listen to the demo below which uses this very simple method to provide a backing track for a banjo.
  • And another which provides backing for a classic bluegrass tune.

You're into Folk or Country Music

The world of sample libraries/virtual instruments tends to be dominated by pop and rock music, so that those involved in more acoustic styles can sometimes feel a bit left out. Pick-and-Strum Guitar is designed for you. It has a great naturalistic sound very suitable for acoustic styles of music.

You're into Any Kind of Music

Although Pick-and-Strum Guitar is optimised for producing pick-and-strum style guitar tracks that doesn't mean it can't do anything else. You can use it to produce rhythmic guitar tracks suited to various kinds of rock and pop. You can use it for fingerpicking guitar tracks. This would mean using the chromatic notes layout part of the instrument, but this is all that many guitar sample libraries offer anyway.

You Just Want a Natural Sounding General Purpose Virtual Acoustic Guitar

Pick-and-Strum Guitar has a great, naturalistic sound that can be used for pretty much any style of music. You might already have other guitar sample libraries but just like the sound of this one and want to add it to your collection. Go for it!